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THE 2016 MARTHA JEFFERSON PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE recognizes those donors whose leadership gifts equal or exceed $10,000 within the 2016 calendar year. Gifts of cash, securities and real property received between Jan. 1, 2016, and Dec. 31, 2016, are recognized by membership in the 2016 Martha Jefferson President’s Circle. Qualifying gifts-in-kind also are recognized.

2016 President’s Palladium ($250,000+)

J. Aron Charitable Foundation, Inc.

The Joseph and Robert Cornell Memorial Foundation

2016 President’s Silver ($100,000+)


Phil Wendel

R. Ted and Sheila Weschler


2016 President’s Copper ($50,000+)

The Charles Fund

Jim and Becky Craig

The Genan Foundation

Bebe Heiner and Bill Atwood

Heiner Family Fund of CACF

2016 President’s Bronze ($25,000+)

Don Danilek

The Danilek Family Trust

Charles H. Foster, Jr.

Richard and Leslie * Gilliam

The Richard and Leslie Gilliam



2016 President’s Brass ($10,000+)

Mr. and Mrs. John Beard, Jr. and Family

BMW of Charlottesville

Rich and Roxanne Booth

The Rimora Foundation

Tom Bowman

Michael and Dianne Burris

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Carver

Charlottesville Radio Group

Alan and Sharon Culbertson and Family

The Culbertson Foundation

Carol and Jim Hallett

Alena Hammond *

Melton D. Haney

Molly and Robert Hardie

Brenda and Curtis Hathaway

Carol and Blake Hurt

Matthew I. Kahal and Candace M. Abel *

Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. King, Jr.

Randy and Ginger Kohr

Elizabeth and Joe LeVaca

Susan B. Morris

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Nicholson

Nicholson Family Fund

PBM Capital Group

David and Jayne Rathburn

Rathburn Family Foundation

Kevin and Carolyn Schuyler

Mrs. H. Gordon Smyth

Smyth Fund for Nursing at Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital of CACF

SNOW’S Garden Center

Ellen and David Turner

The Village at Gordon House

Wells Fargo

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Wood, Jr.

Mrs. Joseph M. Wood II

The Whitney and Anne Stone Foundation

John H. and Trula Leventis Wright

Catherine Wright McLaughlin

John H. Wright, IV

Margaret Hulvey Wright Trust


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2016 Martha Jefferson Society


Bug Slinger Warriors

Women Cancer Survivors Find Respite, Support and Hope at Annual Spring Fly Fling

In Good Hands

Sentara Martha Jefferson Orthopedic Specialists Heal Hand Troubles

The Fight Becomes Real

A Young Woman Faces Breast Cancer With Courage, Faith, Friends and a Touch of Humor
Presidents Letter

Live the Life You Imagined

The Best Medicine

Healthcare Innovations for Dummies

Physicians Perspective

A Look Back at How a “Lost Soul” Found His True Path in Medicine

On-Call Advice

What is arthritis, what causes it, and can people avoidgetting it?

On-Call Advice

What is glaucoma, and how is it treated?

Improve Health Everyday

Could Your Diet Soda Be Causing You to Gain Weight?

Improve Health Everyday

Tips for a Healthy Prostate

Improve Health Everyday

Treating Minor Burns at Home

Improve Health Everyday

Health Benefits of Sunlight

Clinical Excellence

Copper Cure

Sentara Deploys Copper-Infused Linens to Reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections
Health Matters

Quit Smoking Now for a lifetime of health benefits

La Salud Importa

Deje de fumar ahora y disfrute una vida de beneficios para su salud

Aging Well

Taking Care of the Caregiver

In the Midst of Caring for Others, Be Sure to Take Time to Care for Yourself
Active Living

Not Just for Superstars

Strength Training Provides Numerous Benefits for Body and Mind
Eat Well Live Well

Reversing Prediabetes Starts in the Grocery Store

Womens Health

Bedtime Bothers for Women

How Hormones Can Affect Sleep Issues
Sentara in the Community

Neurointervention: A New Treatment for Stroke

Sentara Blue Ridge Region Hospitals Work Together to Save Stroke Patients

Martha Jefferson Hospital Foundation Annual Report


Full Circle


A Volunteer's Lasting Legacy


Martha Jefferson Capstone Society Reception, Dinner and Member Induction


Martha Jefferson Leadership Annual Recognition and Appreciation Reception


The Marshall Award: Making a Difference for Caregivers


Philanthropic Professionals: Two Physicians Dedicated to Giving Back


Capturing Images of Peace in Unexpected Faces


2016 Gifts of Art


Gifts Made in Honor or Memory of a Loved One Make a LastingImpression


Leadership Donor Recognition


Capstone Society


President's Circle


2016 Martha Jefferson Society


Friends of Martha Jefferson 2016


Gifts of Gratitude 2016