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Martha Jefferson Society 2017

THE 2017 MARTHA JEFFERSON SOCIETY recognizes those donors whose leadership gifts total $1,000 – $9,999 within the 2017 calendar year. Gifts of cash, securities and real property received between Jan. 1, 2017 and Dec. 31, 2017, are recognized by annual membership in the Martha Jefferson Society. Qualifying gifts-in-kind also are recognized.

MJS Sustainer ($5,000+)

David and Carolyn Beach

David and Carolyn Beach Charitable Fund

Rodney F. and Elizabeth W. Beckwith

Lillian and Michael BeVier

Kathleen and Daniel Bowman

Susan Cabell Mains

Joyce Powell Craig

Jonathan and Janet Davis

Leslie B. Disharoon and

Beth and Ford Wilgis

Mrs. Frances M. Dulaney

Meg Gilmer

Gilmer Charitable Fund

David and Carolyn Grow

Marilyn and Bob Harman

Dr. John D. Hendrix, Jr. and

Dr. Sylvia S. Hendrix

Mary Helen Jessup Trust

Matthew Kahal and Nancy Graddy

Mr. and Mrs. W. Peter Henderson

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Stuart III

The Whitney and Anne Stone Foundation

Brian H. and Barbara T. Kennedy

Mrs. Betty M. Lee

Ms. Laura M. Lowrance

Dr. and Mrs. P. B. Lowrance*

Brian and Jean Mandeville


The Oakwood Foundation

Charlotte E. Owen

Daniel L. Seale, M.D. and Rita R. Seale

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sackson

Standish Family Foundation

Lee and Stacy Stinchfield

The Margaret and Frank Stinchfield Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Wood

The Whitney and Anne Stone Foundation

Andrew S. and Deborah L. Thexton

Roberta B. Williamson

Jacob Young, M.D.


MJS Annual ($1,000+)

Bill and Carolyn Achenbach

Advanced Network Systems, Inc.

Dr. Jeff and Paula Alberts

Elizabeth and Greg Allen

Mrs. Lester Randolph Amiss

Michael and Marilyn Ashby

Barbara C. Aulebach

Mr. Charles W. Axten and

Ms. Katherine L. Rhyne

BB&T - Branch Banking and Trust

Amy and Richard Black

Walter L. Blankenbaker, M.D.

Anna F. Brantley

The Anna and Kirven Brantley

Charitable Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Brooks

Peter and Jane Buchanan

Maurice G. Burnett

Rosemary Burns

Michael and Dianne Burris

Elizabeth J. Callan

John and Laurie Carpenter

Jeanne and John Chamales

Didi and Peter Chapin

Charlottesville Radiology, Ltd.

David and Betsy Chesler

Ron and Dawn Cottrell

Ethel M. Crowe

Michael and Jan Cubbage

Mr. and Mrs. Victor M. Dandridge, Jr.

The Yorkshire Foundation

Anna M. Day Foundation

Debbie and John Desmond

Heather and Bill Dickey

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Dunstan

Dunstan Fund

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Elliot

Empty Arms, Full Hearts

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Eudailey, Jr.

Joe and Robyn Evans

Joan Fadden

Dr. and Mrs. W. Jackson Faircloth, Jr.

Felton Group

Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Ferguson

First Citizens Bank

Mr. Richard B. Fontaine and

Mrs. Barbara J. Fontaine

The Fontaine Family Charitable Fund

Keith Frazee and Carole Frazee

The Keith and Carole Frazee Family Fund

Martha S. Fruehauf

The Fruehauf Foundation

Douglas P. Gernert

Ginnie and Peter Gillen

Greg and Ginger Graham

Erik Greenbaum

Greenbaum Family Charitable Fund

Dr. and Mrs. James C. Greene

Bentley and Jim Grigg


Dr. Stephen Gunther and Dana Goldsmith

Jacquelin Jeffress Guter

Jim and Sue Haden

Dr. and Mrs. Alan S. Hamby

Will Hammond

Alice Handy and Peter Stoudt

Melton D. Haney

Hantzmon Wiebel, LLP

Dana and Peter Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Hart, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Hathaway

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Hayes

Dr. David M. Heilbronner and

Ms. Lynn Valentine

Dana and Bill Henderson

Wildan Fund of CACF

Dr. John D. Hendrix, Sr. and

Ilse C. Hendrix

Meg and Chris Holden

Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Hopkins, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Horan

Richard and Susan Howard-Smith

Richard and Susan Howard-Smith Charitable Fund

Ms. Martha I. (“Peggy”) Hunt

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Ignaczak

Ignaczak Family Fund

Ms. Betty W. Jennings

Pam and Rob Jiranek

Pat and Rick Jones

Kahler Slater Architects, Inc.

Mrs. Lois M. Keller

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Koonce

Dr. and Mrs. Brett D. Krasner

Katy and Tony Kreienbaum

Tom and Delia Laux

Marijo and Joel Lecker

Elizabeth Leeds

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Lutz

Bill and Judy Lynch

Margaret M. MacAvoy

Vitreus Foundation

Len and Grace Mailloux

Nancy F. Maloy

Randi and Scott Marshall

Lawrence J. and Lynn W. Martin

Dr. James Masloff

James I. Masloff Family Foundation

Pat and Jill McCann

McCann Family Fund

Susie and Kevin McConnell

Ray R. Mishler and Patricia L. Smith

Daisy and David Moga

Mary D. Moon

Bob and Lisa Moorefield

Karen Moran and Wistar Morris

Karen Moran and Wistar Morris

Family Fund of CACF

Dr. and Mrs. David L. Morris

Ray and Thelma Murphy

Dan and Maureen Murray

Jim and Bruce Murray

Lang and Latham Murray Charitable Fund A Donor Advised Fund of Renaissance Charitable Foundation

Mohit and Vandana Nanda

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Newman, Jr.

Stillfield Fund of CACF

Owen and Amy Nolasco

NVR, Inc.

Dennis and Linda Odinov

Dr. and Mrs. William A. Orr

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Palmgren

Wrightson Ramsing Foundation

Sandra C. Palumbo

F. Troost and Kathryn B. Parker

Kathryn B. and F. Troost Parker Fund

Mrs. Virginia S. Payne

Paul W. and Cynthia C. Pearce

Perry Foundation, Inc.

Quantitative Investment Management

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Richmond, Jr.

Elizabeth H. Roberts

Joanne B. Robinson

Dennis and Ann Rooker

Mr. and Mrs. Victor J. Rosenberg

Karen Rosenberger

Patricia and Glenn Rowe

Jeanne S. Runkle

Ryan Homes - Charlottesville Division

Timothy and DeAun Sanders

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Satira

Nunley-Satira Family Fund of CACF

Dr. and Mrs. L. R. Savarie

Allison and Tom Schildwachter

Aaron Shapiro and Family

Mr. Dennis B. Sigloh and

Rev. Jane E. Sigloh

Jane E. and Dennis Sigloh Fund of CACF

Signature Medical Spa /

Albemarle Dermatology Associates

Jane-Ashley and Peter Skinner

Suzanne Hilton Smith and

Mahon T. (“Mac”) Smith, III

Spiekermann Family

Douglas and Viktoria Steel

John and Helen Steele

Betty F. Strider

Cynthia and Jim Stultz

Stultz Foundation

Tiger Fuel Company

T & N Printing, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Terry

Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Tesoriere

Diane and Scott Thomas

James J. Thomas and Family

Mr. and Mrs. G. McNeir Tilman

Tilman Family Fund

Union Bank & Trust

Hatsy and Scott Vallar

Vallar Family Fund

Dr. and Mrs. White M. Wallenborn

J. Gregory and Susan T. Webb

Mr. and Mrs. Larry B. Wenger

Anthony and Christy Wenzel

Williams Mullen Foundation

Christopher and Ann Willms

Katharine and Craig Winn

John K. Youel, M.D. and Sheila Tate

Anonymous (4)

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