Issue 4 Stories

There are times when a special friend, beloved family member or compassionate caregiver inspires in us a desire to acknowledge and pay tribute to that individual and relationship in a distinctive and meaningful manner.

One such meaningful expression is a charitable gift made in honor or memory of a special friend or family member that can be directed to support Hospital programs or services that were significant in the life of that individual.

Often, a patient or family member, grateful for the care and caring provided at Sentara Martha Jefferson, has a desire to do something tangible to say thank you and to acknowledge the difference that a special caregiver or team of caregivers have made during an especially vulnerable time.

These philanthropic gifts help support vital programs and services at Sentara Martha Jefferson that benefit patients, families and caregivers alike.

In addition to the letter to the individual(s) making the gift, the Martha Jefferson Hospital Foundation will send a personalized note (gift amount is not disclosed) to the individual or family of those recognized and unless otherwise requested, the donor is listed in Hospital and Foundation publications.

The following list features memorial and tribute gifts received from January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016. This list is arranged by and features the name of those honored and includes the names of those willing to be recognized for their gifts.

In Memory

Candace Abel

Matthew I. Kahal

Harriet D. Adams

William H. Adams

Howell Anderson

Georgia and Larry Moyer

Janet Arsenault

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Doyle

Virginia S. (Ginny) Bowman

Tom Bowman

Frankie Brooks

The Snow Family

Judy W. Brown

George A. Brown

James E. Burns

Rosemary Burns

Marie Casaday

Terry and Susan Hunt

John Grayson Chestnutt

Mr. and Mrs. Frank F. Fountain

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Koonce

David and Cara McDaniel

Ella McDaniel

D. Broward Craig

Joyce P. Craig

Hamilton E. Creasy

Janice S. Creasy

Dr. Dallas R. Crowe

Ethel Crowe

Jane Till Danilek

David and Catherine


Joan M. Brakman

Heidi and Tony Brooks

Anne Brown

Elizabeth J. Callan

Don Danilek

   The Danilek Family Trust

Gregory Danilek Family

Jim and Sue Haden

C. Bruce and Lois S. Till

Tony De Santis

Baymont Inn & Suites Employees, Kitty Hawk, NC

Elizabeth Benson

Karen Currie

Abby De Santis

Janet Distelman

Kelly LeBoeuf

Joanne Marcus

Jan and Ronald Rice

Julie Rodriguez

Claudia Dodson

Brenda F. Langdon

Heinz-Gerhard Eisermann

Dr. Juergen Eisermann and Family

Ernest A. Flynn

Wendy Waldner Flynn

Todd French

Richard and Ruth French

Leslie F. Gilliam

Ron and Dawn Cottrell

Drs. Greg Doull and Nickie Spears

Elisabeth T. Greenbaum

Erik Greenbaum

       Greenbaum Family

       Charitable Fund

Dr. and Mrs. David L. Morris

Thomas K. Grimes

Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Grimes, Jr.

Annelie Hallett

Monica and Christina Hallett

Charles Hinzey

John and Marcia Haney, Jr.

Jack C. Howey

Mary Jane Howey

William G. Keller

Lois M. Keller

Pamela Klein

Dave and Bonnie Hetrick

Dr. James G. Knight

Dr. and Mrs. David L. Morris

Dr. and Mrs. P.B. Lowrance

Ms. Laura M. Lowrance

Elizabeth A. Luse

Anita S. Caramanico

Fritzie Carper

Elizabeth P. Duncan

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Mahoney

Mt. Jackson Garden Club

Mrs. Marion L. Rahman and

Ms. Renee Rahman

Roxanne Rhodes

Gail Scherer

Carolyn W. Snow

Town of Mount Jackson

Alice and Harry Wilkey

Ellen Marie MacCall

Bruce L. MacCall, Sr.

Paxson MacDonald

Gregory MacDonald

Carmella Marino

Chris and Laura Bonanno and Family

Pete McCauley

Virginia Leigh McCauley

Joyce M. Montgomery, R.N.

Donald B. Marshall

Cary N. Moon

Mary D. Moon

Preston E. Morris

Susan B. Morris

Dr. Latham B. Murray

Dr. and Mrs. David L. Morris

William Benjamin (Ben) Orr

Dr. and Mrs. William A. Orr

Jack W. Owen

Charlotte E. Owen

Jack Walden Owen II

Charlotte E. Owen

William N. Payne

Mrs. Virginia S. Payne

Dr. John C. Shilan

Tom and Karen Vaughan

Doloris Collins Thomas

Jim and Jan Thomas

John Barry Thomas

Jim and Jan Thomas

Carolyn H. Tinnell

Frederick Dodson Terry, Jr.

Baby Walker

Helen Cohen

Elizabeth Wallenborn

Dr. and Mrs. White McKenzie


Peter Wallenborn, M.D.

Dr. and Mrs. White McKenzie


Mary Pender Warren

Bertram L. Warren, Jr., M.D.

Gary Weber

Carolyn Weber

Jean Wheelwright

Marc and Theodora Bergschneider

The Bureau of Behavioral Health and Health Facilities

Vin Cibbarelli

John Codman, Jr.

Diane deLaunay

Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. Geiger

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Gray

Fran Hardey

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Mayer

Jarrett and Stephen Millard

Susan Montgomery

Lynn Owen

Pat Palis

Reuben and Sue Rainey

Heather Stewart

Margaret Williams

Tom and Susan Likowski

Olivia M. Wood

Jessica and Michael Wood

In Honor

Gabby Armentrout

Blair K. Williamson

Bob Barnes

David and Elizabeth Jones

John Snyder

Kellie Benner

John Snyder

Peggy Bishop

Tammy Carter James

Amy Black

Jim and Sue Haden

Susan Cabell Mains

Susan Cabell Mains

Debbie and John Desmond

Amy and Jason Chestnutt

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Koonce

Joyce P. Craig


Rebekah Critzer

Blair K. Williamson

Alan N. Culbertson

Dr. Joe and Sally Gieck

            Dr. Joe and Sally Gieck Fund

Victoria Gee

Charlie and Rosemary Cona

Bri-Anne Goettlich

Blair K. Williamson

Patricia Gore

Vincent C. Cibbarelli

Carol Matarese

James and Jenny May Pedersen

Greg and Sharon Shasby

Richard and Sherry Smith

Dr. Geoffrey M. Habermacher

Mary Jane Howey

Jim Haden

Ms. Amy Black

Kathleen and Daniel Bowman

Tom Bowman

Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Brooks

John and Lauri Carpenter

Hantzmon Wiebel, LLP

Marilyn and Bob Harman

Carol and Blake Hurt

Brian and Jean Mandeville

Ray Mishler and Pat Smith

Kevin and Carolyn Schuyler

Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Tesoriere

Tiger Fuel Company

Dr. and Mrs. White McKenzie


Marie C. Haden

Warren Haden

Dr. William R. Hammond

Mary Jane Howey

Dr. Robert F. Harman

Ms. Betty M. Lee

Susan L. Heald

Mr. Harry Burn III

Dr. Sylvia S. Hendrix

J. Gregory and Susan T. Webb

Janet Herndon

Blair K. Williamson

Tammy C. James

Nancy C. Beasley and

Terry W. Colvin

Kelly King

David and Elizabeth Jones

John Snyder

Kristen King

John Snyder

The Koch-Frazier Family Christmas

Douglass and Charleene Frazier

Marjorie Hogne

Ed Koch

Geoffrey Koch III

Shawn Riddle

Robert Riddle

Shirley S. Krohn

Scott and Sharon Bishop

Don Laing on his retirement

OBICI Healthcare Foundation

Dr. Daniel A. Landes


Dr. Byrd S. Leavell, Jr.

Mary Jane Howey

Marijo Lecker

Susan Cabell Mains

Dr. Michael J. Oblinger

Ms. Betty M. Lee

Dr. J. Mark Prichard

J. Gregory and Susan T. Webb


Gary B. Selmeczi

Alan and Sharon Culbertson and Family

            The Culbertson Foundation

Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital Employees

Connie and Gary Hegemier

Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital SIPC Nursing Staff

Spiekermann Family

Dorothy Somerville

Ms. Amy Black

Jennifer Gaines

Mary Ann Lucia

Nancy F. Maloy

Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital Directors of Nursing

Bill Weigold


Linda M. Sommers

J. Gregory and Susan T. Webb

Dr. Cynthia A. Spaulding


Kristal Sumpter

John Snyder

Dr. Steven A. Tatar

Ms. Betty M. Lee

Dr. Siva Thiagarajah

Ms. Betty M. Lee

Jim and Jan Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson T. McBroom

Larry and Carole Saunders

Cathy Link Sedwick

Mr. and Mrs. G. McNeir Tilman

Mr. and Mrs. Billy W. Kingery

Dr. Timothy R. Williams

Mary Jane Howey

Dr. Edward T. Wolanski

Lang Murray

Wolanski 2-Miler

It is important to us that we recognize your generous support in accordance with your wishes. If your name does not appear as you prefer, please accept our sincere apology and inform us of the correction by calling or emailing the Foundation Office at (434) 654-8258 or Thank You.


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La Salud Importa

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Aging Well

Taking Care of the Caregiver

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How Hormones Can Affect Sleep Issues
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Martha Jefferson Capstone Society Reception, Dinner and Member Induction


Martha Jefferson Leadership Annual Recognition and Appreciation Reception


The Marshall Award: Making a Difference for Caregivers


Philanthropic Professionals: Two Physicians Dedicated to Giving Back


Capturing Images of Peace in Unexpected Faces


2016 Gifts of Art


Gifts Made in Honor or Memory of a Loved One Make a LastingImpression


Leadership Donor Recognition


Capstone Society


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Friends of Martha Jefferson 2016


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