Issue 4 Stories

Friends of Martha Jefferson 2016

The Foundation recognizes annual donors of $100 - $999 as Friends of Martha Jefferson. Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital is grateful for this critical support received between Jan. 1, 2016 and Dec. 31, 2016. To request information on becoming a Friend of Martha Jefferson, please call the Martha Jefferson Hospital Foundation at (434) 654-8258.

Preferred Recognition

Eleanor P. Abbot

William H. Adams

Betty and Jim Adams

Len and Cyndy Alaimo

Thomas and Elizabeth Allan

Thea P. Alterman

Mark and Kris Andersen

Andrey Anderson and Irmgard Anderson

Elizabeth and Malcolm Andrews

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Arnold

Eugenie and Robert Atherton

Marcia Aulebach-Lagomarsino

Drs. Anna and Alexander Baer

Bailey Printing Co., Inc.

Margaret Bailey

E. Gray Baird

Drs. David and Lori Balaban

Alan P. Batson and Alice G. Howard

Rosemary Battersby

Mr. Robert C. Baydush and Ms. Susan D. Smith

Baymont Inn & Suites Employees,

Kitty Hawk, NC

Nancy C. Beasley and Terry W. Colvin

Mr. and Mrs. Pete Beaumont

Mr. John S. Bell

Marc and Theodora Bergschneider

Frank and Nancy Berry

The Bureau of Behavioral Health and

Health Facilities

Mr. and Mrs. Duane H. Bickers

Donna Bilko

Barbara Black

Ann Blankenbaker

Jimmy and Jean Blankenship

David and Catherine Boardman

Helmut and Diana Boehme

Betsy and Marvin Boswell

deK. and Connie Bowen

Jim Bowling

Joan M. Brakman


Heidi and Tony Brooks

Dr. Lincoln Brower

George A. Brown

Brown Automotive Group

Kenny and Lynn Brown

Diane S. Brownlee

Sissy Bruton

Dr. Debra Bryant and Larry Groves

Christina and Soren Burkhart

Mr. Harry Burn III

Robert H. Burnett, Sr.

Mrs. Mary Anne Burns

Frank and Joyce Butros

Jeanette and Clif Buys

Elizabeth J. Callan

Chris and Jim Camblos

Duncan W. and Susan J. Campbell

Joan G. Canevari

Dr. John M. Carl III and Susan M. Brannen

Van and Brooke Carr

Betsy Carrier

Kevin and Michele Castner

Sam Caughron, M.D. and Cyndy Caughron

Sheila Chambers

Janet E. Cheeseman

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll R. Chisholm

Vincent C. Cibbarelli

Carol and Steve Clarke

Stephanie Clayton

John Codman, Jr.

Charles and Marianne Cole

Andrew and Cailin Collier

Scott and Danyelle Collins

Nancy C. Beasley and Terry W. Colvin

Charlie and Rosemary Cona

Mary V. Connell

Gwyn Conway

Lena and Gene Corrigan

Dr. Douglas and Jayne Cox

Cox Chiropractic Clinic

Janice S. Creasy

Kay Lucas Crocker

Dr. Thomas I. Crowell

Ron Culberson

Karen Currie

Gregory Danilek Family

Abby De Santis

Ms. Cheryl DeAngelis

Cindy and Bob DeMauri

Frances Glee Deodhar

Allegra Deucher

Mr. and Mrs. William Q. Doherty

Lois B. Dollens

Drs. Greg Doull and Nickie Spears

Earl and Louise Dudley

Mr. and Mrs. Duke M. duFrane

Francis Duncan

George W. Jr. and Kitty Durham

Clara Eden, M.D.

Dr. and Mrs. Peter W. Eisenhardt

Robert and Wanda Eksteen

Element Construction

Robert R. and Camila S. Fair

Carol and Lucas Fairborn

Farmington Country Club

Jo Ann and James Farrell

Kathy and Don Fender

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Ferrill

Dr. and Mrs. Jay Fertile

Ron and Nancy Fischer

Paul and Bess Flick

Wendy Waldner Flynn

Dr. Elizabeth Foreman

Skip and Beth Fox

Meg and Don Franco

Andy and Beth Fraser

Douglass and Charleene Frazier

Harry and Sue Frazier

Mr. Laurence W. Fredrick

Jan Freeland

Ms. Kathy Freer

Richard and Ruth French

Brian Gallagher

Erin Garcia, Realtor, Eco Broker

Dr. and Mrs. John N. Gardner

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin E. Gatewood, Jr.

Drs. John and Cheryl Gaughen

Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. Geiger

Dr. Joe and Sally Gieck

Dr. Joe and Sally Gieck Fund of CACF

Richard and Sandra Giese

Michael Gilbert and Lisa Schroeer

Ginnie and Peter Gillen

Tarpley and Scott Gillespie

Thomas and Janelle Gorski

Annie Gould

Grand Home Furnishings

Karen M. Gray

Emma and Robert Green

Mrs. James Greene

Andrea Gruber

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Gunther

Warren Haden

Bonnie Hagerman and Marc Selverstone

Lauren Haium

Laura Thomas Hall

Monica and Christina Hallett

Virginia and Harold Hallock

Meg and Paul Handelsman

John L. and Marcia L. Haney

Whitt and Colston Hanshaw

Ms. Gerri L. Harman

Roy and Lynda Harrill

Dana and Peter Harris

The Harris Family

Elizabeth Harris

Hugh and Debbie Hawkins

David and Edith Hawthorne

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley S. Hazen

Connie and Gary Hegemier

Kathy Heiner

Jack and Sara Heisler

Dave and Bonnie Hetrick

David and Carol Hogg

Marjorie Hogne

Helen V. Holdren

Steve Hoover and Lisa Wittenborn

Mary Jane Howey

Doug and Sterling Hudson

Randy and Lisa Huffman

Huffman Family Fund

Joyce and Harry Hughes

Robert R. Humphris Sr.

Terry and Susan Hunt

Howard and Linda Imhoff

Ray and Linda Jacquin

Jenny James

Tammy Carter James

Dr. and Mrs. John A. Jane, Jr.

Katherine P. Jenkins

Betty W. Jennings

Pam and Rob Jiranek

Gloria and Greg Johnson

Kelly and David Johnston

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Kalchbrenner

Drs. Lee and Neal Kassell

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Keeney

Dr. Bryce S. Kellams and Dr. Ann L. Kellams

Jeanne Keller

Aileen Wilson Kelly

Kendra Scott, LLC

Christine S. Kennedy

Mr. Howard P. Kern

Howard Kern Charitable Gift Fund

Patricia Ketchel and Roderick Dew

Mr. and Mrs. George H. Kidder, Jr.

Genevieve C. King and Carroll N. King

Mr. Thomas R. King, Jr.

Kiwanis Club of Charlottesville Foundation

Ann Klecan and Ted Horn

Geoffrey Koch III

Dr. Kersti Kolu and Mr. Walter Kolu

Ann Kostick

Penny and Rick Krell

Shirley Krohn

Col. Carl W. Kruger

Candice Kurtz

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Laing

Brenda F. Langdon

Byrd and Mary Leavell

Kelly LeBoeuf

Carrie and David Lewis and Family

Dr. and Mrs. John Ligush, Jr.

Kimberly Cosner Lilley

Shirley Linkous

Mr. and Mrs. Bill L. Long

Ms. Laura M. Lowrance

John and Nancy Lowry

Matt Lucas

Mary Ann and Bill Lucia

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Lutz

Ms. Mary E. Luzar

Robert and Letty Macdonald

Gregory MacDonald

William J. Maloney, MD, MPH

Manchester Capital Management, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Mann

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Marcel

Donald B. Marshall

Jeanne and Bob Maushammer

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson T. McBroom

Alexander T. McConnell

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. McConville

Michael and Alice McCorry

Mrs. Claire L. McCrady

David, Cara and Ella McDaniel

Kim McGinnis

Peter T. McHugh and Louise R. McNamee

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. McLean

Elizabeth F. McLernon and Mer McLernon

Susan F. McNeely

Mr. and Mrs. Grayson McNeely

Gil and Mary Jane Medeiros

Mr. and Mrs. William Meffert

Meredith Mercer

Dr. and Mrs. Ben Messinger

Caroline Metsch

John and Theresa Metz

Drs. Kathy and David Mika

Anne and Percy Montague

Matt and Jeani Montgomery

Louise and Mike Monticello

Don and Lisa Morin

Warren and Charlotte Morris

Judy and Jeffrey Morton

Axie Moses


Lang Murray

Bill and RoyAnn Murray

My Eye Dr.

Jaime and Brenda Myers

Liz Nabi

Cindy Napier

Elizabeth Natoli

Sarah and Kenneth Neathery

Jeep and Cathy Newman

Cheryl Schwartz Norman

Northrop Grumman

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Nunge

Martha and Bill Pace

Judy Pace

Frank and Bobby S. Pancake

Richard and Susan Park

Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Parrish

Dr. Clinton Scott Pease and Jennifer S. Pease

Vince and Jean Petrell

Larry and Kitty Pettit

Donna M. Pfister

Mr. and Mrs. Jerald E. Pinto

Dr. James L. Plews-Ogan and

Dr. Margaret Plews-Ogan

L. F. and Frances G. Ponton

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Porter

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Post

David E. Post Family Foundation

Mike and Karen Powell

Melissa and Chris Powell

Rosalyn Preston

Dr. J. Mark Prichard

Catherine B. Purcell

N. Woodrow Pusey

Susan and Jim Quisenberry

Reuben and Sue Rainey

Carol and Steve Record

Kimbly P. and Thomas A. Redman

Ms. Allison Reed

Faye R. Reed

Todd and Gudrun Reeder

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Reusing

Vicki Andreae

Patricia Rousseau

Mr. William Rowe

Larry and Carole Saunders

Lillian R. Schafft

Ernest A. Schmitt

Cathy Link Sedwick

Robin Servine

Mr. Alfred Shapero

Greg and Sharon Shasby

Julia Lewis Shields

Signature Medical Spa /

Albemarle Dermatology Associates

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Sihler

Janet and Michael Silvester

Ward and Sallie Sims

Grant Slegowski

Richard and Sherry Smith

Brian and Rita Smith

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Smith, Jr.

Lorrie and Chris Smith

Kathy and Fred Smyth

John Snyder

Linda and Jeff Sobel

Dr. and Mrs. Bradley R. Spano

Donald and Marion Spano

Square One Organic Spirits

Mr. John C. A. Stagg

Gineane and John Stalfort

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Stalfort II

Preston and Diane Stalling

Patsy H. Stegall

John and Ruth Stone

Jeff Strider

Stony Point Elementary 5th Grade Girls

Movin’ On Fund Raising Team

Patrick and Ruth Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Sullivan

Thomas J. and Sigrid Sweitzer


Sharon Taraska Greene

Dickie and Louise Tayloe

Nelson and Christina Teague

Frederick Dodson Terry, Jr.

Peter Thompson

C. Bruce and Lois S. Till

David Topper

State Farm Insurance

Cynthia B. Traver

Mr. and Mrs. Wade M. Tremblay

Nathaniel and Rachel Tricker

Gilbert J. Tynan

Betty S. Valmarana

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Vaughan

Robert and Carol Vincel

Umberto Vinci and Fannie M. Rankin-Vinci

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Waff III

Don and Margaret Wagner

Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Walker, Jr.

Bertram L. Warren, Jr., M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Watson, Jr.

Joe and Lisa Wayand

Carolyn Weber

Bill and Anne Weigold

Mrs. Frankie Welch

Mike and Kelly West

George White

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wilkey

Mr. and Mrs. J. Harvie Wilkinson III

J. Page and Peggy W. Williams

Stirling and Jane Williamson

T. J. and Lauri Wilson

Frank and Jennifer Winslow

Dr. Tom and Jeanine Wolanski

Wriley and Lee Wood

Elizabeth Woodard

Roger and Valerie Wright

Barbara Yager

Anonymous (13)

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Bug Slinger Warriors

Women Cancer Survivors Find Respite, Support and Hope at Annual Spring Fly Fling

In Good Hands

Sentara Martha Jefferson Orthopedic Specialists Heal Hand Troubles

The Fight Becomes Real

A Young Woman Faces Breast Cancer With Courage, Faith, Friends and a Touch of Humor
Presidents Letter

Live the Life You Imagined

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Healthcare Innovations for Dummies

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Tips for a Healthy Prostate

Improve Health Everyday

Treating Minor Burns at Home

Improve Health Everyday

Health Benefits of Sunlight

Clinical Excellence

Copper Cure

Sentara Deploys Copper-Infused Linens to Reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections
Health Matters

Quit Smoking Now for a lifetime of health benefits

La Salud Importa

Deje de fumar ahora y disfrute una vida de beneficios para su salud

Aging Well

Taking Care of the Caregiver

In the Midst of Caring for Others, Be Sure to Take Time to Care for Yourself
Active Living

Not Just for Superstars

Strength Training Provides Numerous Benefits for Body and Mind
Eat Well Live Well

Reversing Prediabetes Starts in the Grocery Store

Womens Health

Bedtime Bothers for Women

How Hormones Can Affect Sleep Issues
Sentara in the Community

Neurointervention: A New Treatment for Stroke

Sentara Blue Ridge Region Hospitals Work Together to Save Stroke Patients

Martha Jefferson Hospital Foundation Annual Report


Full Circle


A Volunteer's Lasting Legacy


Martha Jefferson Capstone Society Reception, Dinner and Member Induction


Martha Jefferson Leadership Annual Recognition and Appreciation Reception


The Marshall Award: Making a Difference for Caregivers


Philanthropic Professionals: Two Physicians Dedicated to Giving Back


Capturing Images of Peace in Unexpected Faces


2016 Gifts of Art


Gifts Made in Honor or Memory of a Loved One Make a LastingImpression


Leadership Donor Recognition


Capstone Society


President's Circle


2016 Martha Jefferson Society


Friends of Martha Jefferson 2016


Gifts of Gratitude 2016