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Presidents Letter

Expanding to Meet the Needs of Our Community

It’s an exciting time at Sentara Martha Jefferson! Since starting at the hospital just over two years ago, I’m fortunate to be able to say that in that time we’ve had the privilege of adding new procedures, new specialties and more physicians caring for hundreds more community members in need. More important, though, we have grown—and continue to grow—the services we provide to meet the ever-expanding health needs of our community.

In May, we will be opening a brand-new family care practice with extended hours in the Fifth Street Station shopping center, where Wegmans is located. Not only will this give people in the south side of Charlottesville convenient access to primary care, it will also provide the community with a doctor’s office that stays open late and has weekend hours—for all those issues that come up at the worst possible times. Since you can’t plan the illnesses or accidents that happen to you and your family members, we want to ensure access to care with flexible hours and walk-in appointments, providing you with the right care at the right time. Please know that this facility is open to anyone and will support any communication you may need with your primary care physician, when requested, to maintain continuity of your care. We look forward to welcoming you in a few short weeks!

Additionally, Dr. Alan Brijbassie, our interventional gastroenterologist, recently completed his inaugural Peroral Endoscopy Myotomy (POEM) procedure on a patient from West Virginia. Used to treat swallowing disorders, this new procedure is just one example of new offerings that are now available at our hospital. For the patient, the advanced procedure provides relief that isn’t readily available at all facilities. With so many people suffering from gastrointestinal issues, we at Sentara Martha Jefferson want to make sure that patients have access to the care they need. I am happy to welcome Dr. Brijbassie to our excellent team!

Finally, we also have introduced a new option to our weight-loss surgery program. Recently the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a new type of weight-loss surgery, the gastric balloon procedure. While our newly accredited, comprehensive Bariatric Care Center has always offered the gastric bypass and gastric banding procedures, the gastric balloon procedure is designed as a nonsurgical solution for patients who want to achieve and maintain a healthy weight by developing healthy lifestyle habits. Our bariatric surgeon believes passionately that this new procedure should be available as an additional option for our patients who need help with weight loss.

In conclusion, I hope that if you find yourself in need, our expanded services will meet your expectations. Please know that we will always have our eye on the future, looking ahead to how we can continue to improve the health of the community, and adapting and adjusting as needed. The delivery of health care has evolved over the years, and we are excited to lead the way in our community and continue to advance our Caring Tradition.

As always, thank you for your support of Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital.

Warm regards,

Jonathan Davis, FACHE

President, Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital

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